I am a freelance photographer working and living in London. I have been involved in the photographic industry for over 15 years.

I have worked on hundreds of photoshoots all over the world and draw on my experiences to photograph, produce and art direct for an array of local and international clients.

I draw my inspiration from simplicity and natural beauty. In our information overloaded modern way of life, I feel that its important to identify the natural and raw elements that present themselves. This produces powerful and emotive images perfect for advertising and brand identitiy.

I also collaborate on specific projects with good friend and international photographer, Guy Bubb. We have shot, produced and art directed shoots in Dubai, Mallorca and Cape Town.  We use our collective experience of 30 years in the industry to produce campaigns and catalogues. You can view his website at www.guybubbphoto.com. Together we have a company called BC Images and we specialise in advertising, fashion, stock imagery and corporate identity.




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